Just enough for me

How many reasons do I have to have to explain the way that I feel well maybe I don’t have to or it doesn’t matter if I do or what or not and it’s done by me not you and old still something new left alone on my on with friends under the sky on a highway in a train by myself with fields of grain rice and mountains beyond to the oceans with sand and towels and people I don’t know but laughing it looks so much fun it’s just a part of the things that make me smile and laugh and it’s okay if you can’t understand it because I’m sure you feel it too it’s just inside and bubbling through in a different way because we’re both human and I love you no matter what happens to us and that’s just enough for me.


Phasing in and out of belonging

It’s two o’clock on Thursday, I’ve been in the States for roughly seventy-six hours so far. I’ve been more agitated by minor things than I really think I should, it’s a little surprising and disappointing, actually. But there’s a lot of Buddhism-inspired analysis that can be applied to that. I have new socks (beer mugs and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day), and a nice clearance sale oxford from Old Navy. I’ve eaten cheese, drank Coppola wine and Harp Ale, and eaten for sustenance but without much thought.

I’ve been able to meet several of my friends from graduate school, including Elan, Shawn, Ray, and Brenda. It’s been a road of minor, mild successes and learning, but I think that’s really all I could hope for. Although, it really bothers me to be relegated to using a fork for eating salad. I really should have brought some chopsticks with me.

California, America, long time no see

I’ve been up and down on the kigen scale today…small victories including getting my monochrome Visor working with keyboard, small failures including not correctly updating my email or contact information when HotSyncing. Yes, I can blog, yes I can take notes in session (eight megs free and padicty on the fritz). I love trains and the Keisei line. Okada-san and I talked about many things foreign and domestic. No, I did not bring ukon with me, no, I do not plan to get drunk. Yes, I type HTML tags into my entries directly, yes the plane took off an hour late due to malfunctioning weather report software at the Narita control tower (thank you Windows).

I’m performing the dustpan-organizing that always happens when travelling or making a visit to doctor… receipts and bank statements to the trash, blog entries from curled pocket notepad to Visor. Ah, but so fresh, so new, so many old things reoccurring. No, there’s hardly a soul to meet this week, but a wander, some exploration, some photos, a lot of listening, and hard, stingy hotel mattresses.

At least I have Masa’s Eaton vol. 11 mix to see me through it all.

No fanfare

I have decided to make my blog public again, for various reasons. I’d like to make things more readable and improve the presentation, but rather than wait for a grand overhaul, I’ll just tweak it piece-by-piece. The first part of this is the replacement of the background image, which I’ve used for the first five years of the blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Entries from last November to now will be migrated in, dated retroactively over the next couple of weeks. If you’re really interested in catching them all, I recommend again the RSS feed, or obsessive daily checking and scrolling back to catch entries just before this one.

Peace, happy 2008.