And the cold, and the rain, and it means nothing. There is so little of weather in malaise. A haircut and a shave, a new bed and some tools. But fingernails still grow and there is no satisfying quiet.

I haven’t put up many pictures yet demonstrating the MC Zenitar 16mm lens I bought for the Fujica last autumn. It provides interesting shots if you’re unfamiliar with fisheyes, but the gimmick of the distortion is a bit of a handicap; it can easily destroy a shot. Another element to manipulate.

Slow maintenance

This afternoon I was mucking about in FL Studio, but I kept getting distracted because I’ve had it in my mind to streamline my footprint, both physical and digital. I have plans to collapse the site as it is and fold it back to something much more basic. Right now I’m just thinking photography, the blog, and the wiki. No more college-era neophyte attempts at creation. That past has long since outlived its usefulness and now it’s more of an eyesore than anything else.

I brushed up a very few minor parts of the blog template. Headers should be uniform more or less through all category and monthly archives. I think I’ve figured out a way to fix 90% of the broken image links in the history, I just need to risk a global search-and-replace on the DB. The older blogger titles will have to be done by hand, unfortunately. There’s four hundred and eighty-some to deal with.

I put the search form back, it should work all right, though it’ll bring a harsh light onto all of those stupid blogger title entries. Once I get the older posts all marked up with titles, categories, and slugs I’ll add the most dense category labels to the sidebar.

Yesterday I took a one-day course in dark room printing. It was pretty interesting, though as you’d expect quite frustrating at first. There are so many steps in manual printing that are handled for you digitally, mostly alignment-related things. I have a couple of discount coupons to go again in the next few months, though, so I’m looking forward to that.


It’s February. I’m two months out from starting a photography workshop directed towards a personal gallery exhibition. The wind is cold, but the sky is blue. I’ve spent too much time playing games (BioShock and Red Dead Revolver) over the past couple of weeks, so I have again sent my memory cards into hiding so I can get some work done.

I’ve been pining for a winter camellia (man that’s an awful pun worthy of a Quest for Glory game), but haven’t found one yet. However, I was enchanted by a very beautiful boke (flowering quince) at the corner plant shop. I think I will try to grow it as a bonsai, but I really have no idea how that’ll work out, so for now my goal is to just not kill the poor thing.