Variable bit rate

I planned on writing more in March, especially since I was on the road so much, but in the end the advent of a notebook that could compile made little else possible. Probably through stress more than anything, I’ve managed to run myself down to a lot less robust level than usual. I tire easily, waking up is a problem seven days a week, and there’s a constant blunt ache in my body. The weather has improved dramatically in recent weeks, however, and the sunshine and fair temperatures are starting to recharge me (like Superman).

Still, things are a mess all over and my priorities are all out of whack. My photography class starts tomorrow, I need to decide what kind of pictures I’m going to take with me to show since we’re supposed to start with that and self-introductions. I bought a license to FL Studio in February, but I haven’t made much use of it yet since I’ve been sucked into Resident Evil 4 (again), and seasons 10 and 11 of ER. I think that I need a schedule again for off-time, even though I don’t have any exhibitions on the horizon. I’ve let communication with too many important people slide in the name of short-term release. Thankfully, rave season starts in two weeks. A return to reflection, to sound and to quiet, and to good people all around.

So many twisted dreams going on now involving all the people I have issues with. ::sigh:: Work is never-ending and it’s nothing but responsibility I cannot manage without significant pain.