Wavy Gravy

For the children of the world, happiness means Christmas. For the game publishers of the world, Christmas means autumn sales, and so, for the game devlopers of the world, autumn sales means kiss your summer goodbye.

This is the second year in a row that I’ve observed this phenomenon. The weeks tick by with scores of events I would normally focus on, all blossoming to evaporate without me ever being aware of their existence. I haven’t been to photo class, much less the darkroom, in over five weeks.

So in amidst the constant waves of management, tech ramp up and lock down, there are but a few points worth mentioning in my life. Here they are presented in coarse, unprocessed snapshot format, for I have less than four brain cells not running in degraded mode.

This is my teikaku. Essentially the national government’s plan to shore up the flagging economy: give every working man, woman, and child 12000 yen (about 120 dollars) to stimulate consumer spending. Kind of like a tiny tax refund with the suggestion you use it to save the sagging market by purchasing domestic beer.

This is a very classicly inspired Rusty photograph. It’s got virtually all of the elements that first enchanted me about Japan… blue sky, fish scale clouds, tall evergreens and a lattice of man-made cables around a lower quadrant of the frame.

One day last week I came outside and discovered some unseen prism was casting a near perfect gradient of visible light into the stairwell.

When I came home that same night, I met this frog in the driveway. His name is Carl.

Only fraternal love keeps game devs from choking each other to death during the march towards ZBR.

And only a panoplly of the finest ingredients an Asakusabashi sushi-chef can collect from around the country can sustain my haggard body.

Since I have no time to go outdoors I’ve been entertaining the idea of synthetic melanin stimulation.

After six and a half dutiful years of service, Eilonwy, my WinBook J4 has died (the coroner has reported a confluence of excessive dust intake and old age as the cause). This has motivated me to move up my schedule for building a PC capable of meeting my needs for high-bandwidth photographic and audio processing.

Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz/FSB1333MHz/L2cache 6MB)
4GB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz JE
HighPoint RocketRAID 2640×4
2x OCZ Vertex 120GB SSDs w/ 64MB cache paired in RAID-0
Hitachi/IBM 1TB HDD w/ 16MB cache
BUFFALO 8x Blu-ray drive

Ungodly fast, and currently running Windows 7 RC1 with aplomb. I have named her Cheyenne, in honor of my long-since deceased laptop which carried me through undergrad.