Dodge, burn, lift, graft, blend

It’s still cold in Tokyo, despite a warm break several weeks back. The sakura are in bloom, the sun is shining, and my rose bush is singing.

The blog and gallery have gotten intolerably slow the past several months, I am convinced IPowerweb is trying to host too many databases on this server. ::sigh::

I’ve gotten a kick start to photography recently, partly due to work and partly due to sexy new tech.

I won’t say anything until it’s in print, but suffice it to say retouching is a rabbit hole I’m not so sure I want to fall down. Simmering on the back burner is my Lightroom 3 Beta eval. Like other famous software of note, the simple stuff is hard and the hard stuff is simple. Still, it’s leagues better than just manual file renaming and Windows Explorer. Huzzah for metadata and ratings!

Now if only I could have a host that would serve you photographs before you close the browser in frustration.

The Mission