Catching my breath

This week is an off-week artistically. I was hoping to have the house spic-n-span to hit the ground running next Monday, but work this week has slowed things down a little bit. Tomorrow is a big day at the office, and it’s looking like I’ll miss out on the Sumidagawa fireworks festival again this year… really wanted to go, but, duty calls.

MOST important this weekend is getting thank you cards in the mail for each and every person that took the time to come out and see my show. One thing that my mentor Randy Pausch always stressed was the importance of hand-written thank you notes for people. In this day and age especially, the personal touch counts, and an artist is nothing without his audience.

Thanks guys again, I promise to have as beautiful Japanese as I can muster in the mail for you this weekend.

Keiko, have a lovely time in Thailand, scout it out for me!

Day six

It’s hot again, but pleasingly so. Sitting on the edge of the sofa right now in front of the fan feels good. The moist spots in the backs of my elbows are sticky-soft. It would be so nice to just fall asleep here now, though I have the feeling it would alienate my customers to be so relaxed. I’ve made up the gallery to be cozy. The sofa has my blankets from home, the coffee table is adorned with my albums and a flower bouquet. The super maneki neko smiles on his pillow. Ah, peace of midday. World traveller Keiko stopped by on her way back from the store to give me a cold bottle of tea.

It may be the heat and the fatigue, but this is surreal. It’s easy to forget why I’m here, in fact I’m not even sure anymore, it’s like a dream. It must be too early to be patting myself on the back… I put so much emphasis on the setup that I may be off the mark on the execution. But so drowsy, so comfortable.

Day five

Today has been the wildest and most dynamic day I’ve had all week. It’s just before eight o’clock and I’m enjoying the first lull since one-thirty. A lot of my co-workers came by, bring family members and friends, probably close to thirty people in total. I also had a chance to talk passionately about photography to several passers by, doing the best I could to construct Japanese robust enough to suit my granite theories and formulaic processes that build the framework for my photographic method.

My feet are aching and I’ve been sweating constantly for the last seven and a half hours, but it feels wonderful. People have come to support me, with beers and flowers, with smiles and compliments. All of the stress and fatigue is ground into my muscles like pepper worked with raw steak, and the dense moisture of effort, worry, and community laces the humid air. I am fortunate, blessed, exhausted and frazzled. To be honest, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

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土日は 13:00からオープンで、終日展示場にいる予定です。