Portable synsthesia

Electrons, light, sound, current.  Time and power flow like a river, through the ageless forest and branching into streams of my consciousness.  The beat unheard but felt in the wind.  A source long rooted, the branches that sprout through my mossy dreams.

Cool summer nights

The last few days we have had a typhoon pass through, and is normally the case, the weather has imprpved afterwards.  However, iddly thistime we have had a apell of coolatumn like weather, with breezy temps in the 60s at night.  It is fantastic, the ideal temperature for me, it reminds me of Seattle.

In my new Kichijouji home, for the first time I am living in a house full of wonderful natural smells.  The bamboo, the maple, the wet concrete of my balcony.  All such wonderful smells, so pungent and invigorating.  I feel like I could take on the world.