Yearly ritual

So, writing blog posts right before the end of the year is en vogue. This year there was a marked falloff of my blog posts, and I didn’t get to 1000 as I originally assumed. The earthquake and some big changes at home prompted this. Now I do the SNS thing a lot more, which would seem to mark me as a relater in this sense. But serious contemplation is on the down, and an over-saturation of information is definitely on the rise. This was the year of the smart phone (several at once, in fact), and the year that I started commuting via train for the first time in five years. To offset this down-tick in aerobic exercise I started running, which at first was a whim but now has evolved into full out training for a half marathon, which I will run in three months.

Art took a serious nosedive as well, unfortunately. When it came time to choose a photograph for my annual New Year’s card, I found I only had five shoots on file to pick from. There is film not yet scanned, but this is a dramatic regression from my peak years of shooting, as well as exhibitions. By chance I squeezed a small contribution to an exhibition in November as an invited artist, but the utter lack of creativity (and coupled with it my most dedicated working year to date), is something I don’t want to repeat. While I grew stronger in the body and in the heart, my soul was nearly choked out from a long march to the end of a multi-year project at work. I think my values have changed, and that’s going to alter the course of my life in 2012.

So, in short I am thankful for love, and thankful for health. I’m thankful to see the horizon of opportunities laying before me. As usual, I’ve realized that the motivation I need to grow is going to have to come from within, I’ve grown too jaded pouring my heart into neighboring fields that lay barren.

2012 will be the year of the body, and from the strength of the flesh will come the energy I need to create something bolder and more true than I’ve ever set out to. Here’s to 2012, the year for me and my love.

Wishing you the year to find your dreams,