Marching forward

So as is the nature of things, the closer I get to my exhibition the more focus I gain in my activities and the pressure of time builds. It’s a trade off. I went to the dark room last Sunday and had a long session working some 2L sized prints, but one thing became clear quite quickly: the weighted metering of the A1 was all over the board and pushing all my film two stops had some serious negative effects on my tone gradients. If I was going to do all my prints by hand, it would take an eternity of finding the right time and filter combination for each one and a lot of finessing. So, I made the decision to go with digital prints this time, as I have a lot faster turn around loop in Photoshop than I do in the darkroom. Still, there is much to do. I have almost three hundred people invited to the show in Facebook but only forty replying so far. I need evangelism and physical media. Thus my postcard series charges to the rescue.




「都会の中に息づくニッポンの技 床屋」

いつの頃からか、街から床屋が姿を消し始めた。日本の習慣が変わっても、床屋の店内で、確かな技術を持ち客を待つマスターたちは変わらない。 はさみを握り、くしを持ち、カミソリを磨く。 長年培って来た技術が、その腕にあった。床屋さんは世の中のもやもやとしたストレスを髪と一緒にきれいさっ ぱり切り落としてくれる。男たちは、ただ理容のためだけに通うのではない。密やかにたたずむ店のドアを開けると、10年以上の付き合いになるマスターが笑顔で待っている。双方の関係は、いつしか気心の知れた存在で親友や親戚に近い。

Here is the update to my photography site