From experience there comes a point where lessons are so rote that they become unspoken.  You know how hard you can work, how much you can endure before the slide. At that point values and priorities all fall into place unthinkingly. Sometimes though I wonder what part of this is repetition, and what falls into the realm of matters of the heart.

But, regardless of how much doubt and wont murmurs in your soul, the music will always be there to catch you.

Tokoya photographs are up

Some photographs from my latest gallery exhibition, “Tokoya”, are up on my site top page. I’m currently working on a book with the complete set of photographs and interviews from the barbers I worked with on the project. In the meantime this can tide you over.



Unfortunately I have not been coming back to the site very much recently.  The forces that run in my mind have guided me to videos on DJ mixing techniques amd many cafe meetings discussing books.  Oversaturation from the constant deluge of push notifications and RSS streams erodes one’s abilty to concentrate, the microtransactions of my time must be parcelled out into more lump sums.  It is times like this where I schedule myself a private meeting room for the day and just hunker down into a series of long documents, devoid of the ubiquitous network.

I have some new art projects coming down the pike, will write here soon.