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「都会の中に息づくニッポンの技 床屋」

いつの頃からか、街から床屋が姿を消し始めた。日本の習慣が変わっても、床屋の店内で、確かな技術を持ち客を待つマスターたちは変わらない。 はさみを握り、くしを持ち、カミソリを磨く。 長年培って来た技術が、その腕にあった。床屋さんは世の中のもやもやとしたストレスを髪と一緒にきれいさっ ぱり切り落としてくれる。男たちは、ただ理容のためだけに通うのではない。密やかにたたずむ店のドアを開けると、10年以上の付き合いになるマスターが笑顔で待っている。双方の関係は、いつしか気心の知れた存在で親友や親戚に近い。

Here is the update to my photography site


There are many solutions to any one problem. Ultimately it comes down to a matter of cost, which is a subset of a matter of will. If only will were infinite and nor organic, then life would be simple. But will is a muscle that must be trained. To be precise it is the only muscle that really requires training. When will is supple, everything else falls into place.

Mundane comforts

A couple of pictures I took last month in Kyoto with the Mamiya.

Left work today early at 8:30 feeling lousy and sore. Came home thinking I was going to flop but somehow managed to cook dinner, clean the kitchen, make tea and practice guitar. Now I feel much better (aside from my gastritis). If my mind would just spin down a little now I could get to bed before midnight perhaps. Just a little meditation…

Photography evolved

So I have been thinking for a long time about moving to medium format, and finally with the close of my last exhibition I the pieces came into alignment and I made the transition, or rather, expansion. From a number of reputable sources, I decided to go with 6×7 as my format, and the Mamiya 7 as my camera. Long story short the merits are the most portable of medium format bodies with some of the highest quality glass available.

Currently I only have the F4.5/150mm lens, which is best suited for portraits and at some distance, so framing is something I need to get used to. In the market for a wide angle lens for street photography, thinking 50mm over the 43 ultra wide.

Since I need to share these wonderful photographs with the digital world, I bought a medium format compliant scanner as well. With the death of Nikon’s superb Coolscan series, I set my priorities on high DPI and Windows7 compliant, buying the Epson v750-M Pro. I only digitally print up to A3-nobi anyway, so ridiculous resolution is unnecessary. The true drool-inducing project for this camera is going to be oversized analog prints anyway.

Baby steps, baby steps.