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Mamiya Six IV

Being a film photographer is a rarity these days. When news spreads you take pictures on emulsion, cameras have a habit of working their way into your possession. I have inherited two 1950s rangefinders, a twin-lens reflex Yashicaflex and recently a folding Mamiya Six IV.

Mamiya Six IV

Mamiya Six IV, top

One thing that took a while to figure out was how to load the film properly. There are some text-based instructions on the internet which often gloss over an important point. When initially setting the film advance knob to the red spot from where you begin loading of the film, it is crucial that you get the knob to stop just before the red dot, with the advance lever in its neutral position. Doing so gets the knob into the position where the shot indicator ring is disengaged and you can advance the film without the shot indicator moving. Then you move the START line in the film to the white dot inside the body, at which point you may move the advance lever to proceed winding to the 1 position which will coincide properly with the first frame displayed on the backing paper (see below).


I went through about four or five rolls with the knob indicator ring out of sync with the film, quite a waste. The next time I load the film I’ll take a video of this and upload it, as there are no videos to be found showing how to properly load this camera.