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Tokoya photographs are up

Some photographs from my latest gallery exhibition, “Tokoya”, are up on my site top page. I’m currently working on a book with the complete set of photographs and interviews from the barbers I worked with on the project. In the meantime this can tide you over.


Marching forward

So as is the nature of things, the closer I get to my exhibition the more focus I gain in my activities and the pressure of time builds. It’s a trade off. I went to the dark room last Sunday and had a long session working some 2L sized prints, but one thing became clear quite quickly: the weighted metering of the A1 was all over the board and pushing all my film two stops had some serious negative effects on my tone gradients. If I was going to do all my prints by hand, it would take an eternity of finding the right time and filter combination for each one and a lot of finessing. So, I made the decision to go with digital prints this time, as I have a lot faster turn around loop in Photoshop than I do in the darkroom. Still, there is much to do. I have almost three hundred people invited to the show in Facebook but only forty replying so far. I need evangelism and physical media. Thus my postcard series charges to the rescue.




「都会の中に息づくニッポンの技 床屋」

いつの頃からか、街から床屋が姿を消し始めた。日本の習慣が変わっても、床屋の店内で、確かな技術を持ち客を待つマスターたちは変わらない。 はさみを握り、くしを持ち、カミソリを磨く。 長年培って来た技術が、その腕にあった。床屋さんは世の中のもやもやとしたストレスを髪と一緒にきれいさっ ぱり切り落としてくれる。男たちは、ただ理容のためだけに通うのではない。密やかにたたずむ店のドアを開けると、10年以上の付き合いになるマスターが笑顔で待っている。双方の関係は、いつしか気心の知れた存在で親友や親戚に近い。

Here is the update to my photography site

Successes and failures

That’s probably too strong a word, but maybe it caught your attention.

The private exhibition this time was mixed. I didn’t have a clear vision until late into the development of the show and a lack of feedback in the development process ended up curtailing the end result.

Some criticisms I received from others:

  • the overall show was too busy
  • there was a lack of consistency
  • the quality of some prints was lacking
  • mixing color with black and white took away from the overall quality

I agree with all of this. And to be honest I had doubts about a number of these things myself during the development process, but I put faith into the feedback from my teacher and ultimately didn’t get the level of input I wanted so I ended up with a lot of inconsistency. In reflection I should have listened to my instincts and been more assertive/inquisitive. But this is happening a lot lately. I expect to receive guidance for something and I don’t get it and then it pans out I should have gone with my instincts. In this case though I was paying a sizeable sum of money for professional guidance so I guess I expected a bit more.

So things I need to stick with next time:

  • unified, strong theme from the start (no archive dipping)
  • follow my own belief for which material to use
  • push for direct and forthright feedback from professionals about specific elements I’m unsure

Photographs from the heart’s eye


This is important so I’ll say it in English as well.

Recently I’ve been worrying about the critical reception to my show since I’ve invested so much time and money into it. But when I was on the way home from the installation last night I realized something: it doesn’t matter what sort of critical reception I get. The original motivation behind this exhibition was to celebrate my friends; the ones that pulled me up and helped get my feet under me here in Japan. And when I was preparing for the show that’s what I did; I fondly thought of the people in the pictures, all they’d done for me, and I made these photographs as a tribute to them. So the show’s already a success.

Thanks for helping make it one. 皆さん本当に有難うございました。

Now we wait






The long road in










The greatest passion is the unthinking. There is no doubt, no questioning, no measurement of the fervor. An unseen force grips the heart and spurs the body into action. I am consumed of late by a subtle form of madness. I come home from the office as always around ten and immediately set to work. Scanning film, adjusting levels, printing proofs, tweaking text. I scour the internet for resources on technique, reference media, and self-promotion. The whirlwind around my fingers does not stop until well past three in the morning, when I collapse in a pile upon the last vacant spot in my upturned room.

For two weeks I have continued like this, my every idle second spent on combing the deep recesses of my mind for forgotten tasks.

So buried in photography have I become that I can’t even remember actively what I’m doing.

Exhausted. After one more darkroom marathon session and class I must crash…

個展 Take two



11月29日-12月5日@PLACE M新宿御苑前


友達の 輝きと、歩んできた道の土からどれくらい色を吸収したの?

影と光、 真冬の寒さと恋人の胸の温もり。すべての響きと刺激、言葉と感情、それらは生き方と愛し方を教えてくれた。
そして、その経験を全部目を通して知った。目であなたの笑いと涙を見た。そして、お互いがどんなに大切な存在であるかという深い絆を知った。 これは僕らに対する僕らの感情と共に経験した場所の記録だ。

Rewind, restart, rethink




Tour de force or folly?



今回の一番難しいのは技術の課題かもしれません。モノクロ写真は自分で手焼きします。久しぶりの暗室セッションは金曜日ですので、今日帰り道で紙を買いました。GA…ギリギリ閉店だったので、急いで間違えてバライタ印画紙を買ってしまった。それで明日こういう風に進むか、返品してRCを買いなおす。困ったなぁ。(_ _~);

Working through it

In late November I will have my second private gallery showing of the year. I more or less have in my mind what I want to say, but there has been a pall over any concrete progress. I could be procrastinating, or the subjective nature of what I want to achieve may be disturbing my focus.

Still, photographs need to be taken and I’m working with portraits, so over the last three weeks I’ve taken seventeen rolls of film, all of which I have back. Now I need to evaluate if there’s a strong, unified concept, and see if I can make this work. Fortunately, muse visits me from time to time.

This weekend I should go to class and go over the material with my instructor, but the call of a three-day autumn rave is calling strong, and I need to do some deep meditation on matters that have been troubling me.