The Indie Game Webring

What is the Indie Game Webring?

We have this crazy idea to build some organic marketing that could benefit everyone. If you were using the internet in the late 90s you may remember something called a "webring", which is circular network of webpages linked to each other sharing a common passion, like fans of Transformers, or home brew recipes, etc.

In modern days this is nice because it's home-grown, approachable and personal language for the game enthusiast, and avoids any kind of paid advertisement and the stalkery cookie chaos that comes from modern search engines.

So we are starting an indie game webring. What you do to participate is send us your studio or game's landing page, and we'll add it to the list on this page. Then you add 4 lines of javascript to your page and the webwring widget will appear. You can style it yourself if you like, or go with the default one. Then visitors to any of the ring member pages can click through the ring one-by-one via the widget, or jump to a random page in the ring.

It's cheap, maintenance-free cross-promotion for all of us that gets stronger with the more developers in our fold. After we achieve some size we can start showing off the webring itself to attract even more attention.

We will perform common sense moderation of the applicants to ensure that everyone in the ring adds the widget to their page, and no one in the ring is promoting content that would not be able to show up on a game console's digital store so we can maintain some relative level of accessibility (racist, pornographic, etc. is prohibited).

In case you were wondering, this is not a pyramid scheme, just good-natured collaboration of indies!

How do I join?

1. Add this JavaScript snippet to your webpage. <div id="indie-game-webring"> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> </div> 2. Send an email to applying with your company's or game's landing page that includes the snippet above.
3. After we check your submission, we'll add it to the index and your place in the ring will be active.
4. Spread the word of your achievement and share the indie game love!

Members of the Indie Game Webring