Each character in your band moves through the map in different ways, encountering unique obstacles and choices. Advancing a character consumes a turn and part of the Timeline, setting up interactions with other characters and enemies at different points in time. Rewinding a turn undoes your move, allowing you to find improved solutions and new ways to tackle problems.


Ichigoichie is an indie developer founded by two veterans from iNiS and Linden Lab. We are technologists and musicians who have been combining games and music since the Apple II days. Our team has been fortunate to help create award-winning console and mobile titles in Japan and Sweden such as: Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents, Gitaroo Man Lives!, Lips, and Blocksworld. We look forward to bringing you a platform to express yourself artistically while having fun strategically solving time puzzles and enjoying a homage to 1990s ensemble dramedy films.


  • Multilinear time-based environment puzzles
  • Character-driven story set in 1990s suburban America
  • Shared squad resources and rewindable turns to optimize your solutions
  • Sequenced combo moves and 40 levels of strategic madness
  • Unlockable instrument swaps and musical playing styles
  • English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese (Simplified) language support


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Excellence in Sound Design Nominee" BitSummit X-Roads 2022, Kyoto, Japan
  • "Selected Indie Exhibit" Tokyo Games Show 2022, Chiba, Japan

About Ichigoichie Games

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About Collaborating artists

With musical content from Pete Fraser, session saxophonist to The Pogues, Friendly Fires, Field Music, John Newman and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Backbeat Credits

David Ventura
Creative Director
Magnus Hallin
Technical Director
Jennifer Larsson-Ståhl
Lead 3D Artist
Karolina Neckman
Lead 2D Artist
Sandra Levander
Character Illustrator
Pete Fraser