We are a game and media production house sewn from the fabric of creative expression with twenty years' experience building music titles and authoring software in Japan and Sweden. A deep love for sound, synthesis, and rhythm leads us to produce content that brings a smile to your face and groove to your hips.




Manipulate four threads of time to guide your band through perilous puzzles. Perform jam band tricks to maximize your score. Customize your play with musical effect pedals and playing styles.

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Hexagroove: Tactical DJ


Hexagroove is a new kind of music game for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One. It combines elements of real-time strategy, rhythm, and action games in a creative blend of self-expression.

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151A Consulting

Bespoke Solutions

We provide a specialized array of services including console porting, audio plugin development, middleware production, and content publishing.

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About us

Ichigoichie itɕiɡo̞ itɕie̞ (stylized 151A) is a Japanese idiom that can be interpreted as “one chance in a lifetime”. Ichigoichie drives us to treat each encounter with respect and cherish the opportunity: every day another beat, another line of code, another laugh.

Our headquarters is in the center of picturesque Stockholm though we also spend a good part of time collaborating with our colleagues in Tokyo.


We’re currently building our next title that blurs the lines between gaming, art, and performance. If you’re a driven professional and want to be a part of the dream check out our jobs page for current openings.

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Ichigoichie AB
Hornsbruksgatan 3b
117 34 Stockholm, Sweden

For questions, send an email to info@ichigoichie.org.