We are a game and media production house sewn from the fabric of creative expression with twenty years' experience building music titles and authoring software in Japan and Sweden. A deep love for sound, synthesis, and rhythm leads us to produce content that brings a smile to your face and groove to your hips.




A mashup of puzzle and strategy games. Manipulate four threads of time to guide your band through sokoban-style puzzles. Manage squad resources over a set of limited turns. Experience a homage to 1990s ensemble dramedies.

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Hexagroove: Tactical DJ


Hexagroove: Tactical DJ is a new kind of music game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC. It combines elements of real-time strategy, rhythm, and action games in a creative blend of self-expression.

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151A Consulting

Bespoke Solutions

We provide a specialized array of services including console porting, audio plugin development, middleware production, and content publishing.

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About us

Ichigoichie itɕiɡo̞ itɕie̞ (stylized 151A) is a Japanese idiom that can be interpreted as “one chance in a lifetime”. Ichigoichie drives us to treat each encounter with respect and cherish the opportunity: every day another beat, another line of code, another laugh.

Our headquarters is in the center of picturesque Stockholm though we also spend a good part of time collaborating with our colleagues in Tokyo.


We’re currently building our next title that blurs the lines between gaming, art, and performance. If you’re a driven professional and want to be a part of the dream check out our jobs page for current openings.

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Ichigoichie AB
Hornsbruksgatan 3b
117 34 Stockholm, Sweden

For questions, send an email to info@ichigoichie.org.